Our Tools

- Human Network Analysis (HHA)™
- Static Information Handling (SIKK)™
- Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
- Pattern-of-Life Analysis (JME)™
- Protection Against Big Data and Mass Collection (AEV)™
- Activity Based Intelligence (TAE™ \ ABI)
- Measurement and Signature Research (MAE™ \ MASINT)

Our Services

- We conduct deep business and corporate research to identify and define problems or opportunities;
- We plan and put into practice anti-fraud and anti-theft methods;
- We provide planning and implementation inputs for strategy development;
- We have an unrivalled capability in Hungary to forecast emerging patterns and to analyse complex scenarios;
- We develop custom-made analytic and research tools;
- We conduct investigations based on available open sources, such as registries, social networks, deep and dark webs, geolocated photos, persons identified at locations or from online posts;
- We mount hybrid online operations to counter propaganda or to identify partakers operating on behalf of a given online group;
- We create profiles of yet unknown groups or individuals, using our own refined toolset;
- We have the capability to perform background checks on individuals and corporations in Hungary;
- We crack linguistic barriers when English, Russian, Hungarian or Ukrainian language is used;
- We can provide assistance in the physical tracking of persons in Hungary.

We can help when

- problems or risks occur, exceeding the options and power of the decision maker;
- the company or organisation represented by the decision maker faces a competitive situation, where presently all other actors have significantly better positions;
- too little or too much, possibly contradictory information and data are available for the decision;
- the decision carries grave consequences, therefore each aspect of all options must be reviewed;
- due to one or a number of continuously existing unresolved problems, the lifestyle of the decision maker or the existence of the organisation affected by the decision is at risk;
- extraordinary risk factors occur, due to which the possibility of success and failure occurs simultaneously, and the outcome depends on the decision;
- the decision must be made under circumstances, which are fundamentally not in favour of the decision maker;
- there are no instruments and/or systems in existence that would be able to process all available data and information;
- decision makers find themselves in situations, where presumably only a single right decision could be adopted.

Our Group

HUMANTECH GROUP provides special operational and business intelligence services to the legal, financial and information technology sectors. The methods applied are used predominantly by international law enforcement and military organisations, intelligence agencies and special forces. Our founders are highly qualified individuals from business, legal, military and law enforcement backgrounds, where investigation, fact finding and the research to establish proven information are the most important tasks. Consequently, we developed a unique methodology for the deeper understanding of facts and correlations, based on which we can achieve outstanding results for our Clients.